Inventory sync

Updated on July 17, 2024

Nembol can sync product inventory across multiple commerce channels.

With Nembol, sellers can enjoy seamless stock synchronization, either by listing their products across online channels using Nembol, or by linking already listed products via Nembol in just a few clicks.

Thanks to the real-time quantity sync function, Nembol aligns stock count:

  • Every time you get a sale in one of your connected channels.
  • At each inventory update you do in Nembol.
  • At each inventory update done in either Shopify or Etsy (other channels will follow).

In other words, you can massively update stock in Nembol or directly in Shopify or in Etsy, and Nembol will automatically apply the edits through all your channels.

The same happens if the stock update is performed in your Shopify or Etsy by an automated system, such as a drop-shipping software or vendor.